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Osomatsu-san by ameriya Osomatsu-san :iconameriya:ameriya 1,758 126
Hair Days 13 [Tanaka-kun x Reader]
Someone approached the school entrance with suspicious movement. A glide here, a turn and a skipped puddle there. It was a strange sight to say the least. What are the odds that we’ve got a secret ninja clan hiding in plain sight? You thought as you watched from the windows above but as the figure drew closer you recognized the human sloth himself. It took him a while to get upstairs to the classroom, so you had pulled out a hand towel from your satchel and were standing at the ready when he did.
    “Ah, ____. Good morning.”
    “I’ve heard of dancing in the rain but what on earth were you doing, Tanaka?”
    “Hmm. I was trying to dodge in between raindrops so I wouldn’t get wet.”
    “And you ended up drenched anyway,” you broke into a sigh, “this vendetta against umbrellas needs to stop.”
    “No. The energy needed to k
:iconabvore:abvore 43 38
Yuri Plisetsky x Reader: Her Perverted Ice Prince
In Russia, you are a fashion designer and a relative of the former prima ballerina. You're a Russian fashion designer and a niece of Lilia Baranovskaya.
"Auntie Lilia, it's been a while," You hugged Aunt Lilia as she hugged you back as well.
Lilia spoke in her home language, meaning she said, "My precious niece."
You decided to stay with Aunt Lilia for now. You've been in Japan for a month or so. Also, you went to a ice skating show called Katsudon Yokai, directed by Victor Nikiforov.
"Also, I found a scandalous article about Victor and the female main lead Mikohime." You showed your auntie the article where Victor didn't realize that he hurt the feelings of a twenty-seven year old woman.
Lilia sighed in dismay as she explained, "I couldn't believe about him, so careless about a woman's age. He should realize that she's the same age as him."
And so, you stayed at your auntie's house for a weekend. Little did you know, you didn't know there's a blond boy staying with your aunt for a whi
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 255 23
Breast Friends (Arakita Yasutomo x Reader)
The tournament was finally over... He finished, but all to no avail. He came in second, along with the rest of his team. But... Why did he feel a pain in his chest? He didn't mind losing a race, but something just ached in his chest. It just tugged at his heart-strings. It kept pulling. Pulling until it was ripped into two large pieces.
"Damn it!" He mumbled to himself. He balled his fists up, his knuckles turning white. His eyes narrowed. His teeth gritted. His body tensed. His throat stung. And his body shook from the angry.
"God fucking damn it!" He screamed loudly as his fist hit the tree that stood beside him. For the next for minutes, his fists collided with the tree. The skin on knuckled tore and bled. It kept going, grunts and screams forced out of his throat.
The bright blue sky was quickly downed to a bright orange-pink colour as it sluncked behind the Mountain called Mount Fuji.
After the next hour, he stood there staring at the tree. He wrapped his long slender fingers arou
:iconokami-wolfgod:Okami-WolfGod 43 2
So this Is Pain. Manami Sangaku X Depressed!Reader
*Reader dies please do not read if you don't like or are sensitive to the subject of death, depression or cutting*
(Y/N) - Your Name
(L/N) - Last Name
'Tonight is the night' (Y/N) thought sadly clutching her scared arms to her chest.
Ah, the shout from the boy she knew so well. At that she stopped, let her sleeves fall back down her arms and slowly turned around to be greeted with a hug from her best friend.
"Where were you?" Said boy asked a pout forming on his features. "You said you would stop by the club room this afternoon."
"Right, sorry Manami l kinda...forgot." She lied scratching her cheek.
"Well I'm walking home with you then!" He exclaimed with a smile.
"What about your bike?"
"It's fine, Fukutomi-San said I needed to leave it in the club room for some reason."
"Oh, ok then let's go."
A painted smile on her face.
As they walked they talked about almost anything wether it be a race or (Y/N)s new anime.
Then up came the topic (Y/N) didn't want to hear:
Feeling al
:iconwretchedakuma:WretchedAkuma 8 0
new palette. manami sangaku
Manami felt alive while cycling; the searing flames flickering through his chest, permeating an uncomfortable feeling to burn his lungs, and the stretch and tear of his muscles contorting from the pressure of climbing hills set him into utopia. There was no greater ardor in his pumping heart than that rush he got from pedaling - or that was what he thought.
The notion of another entity sweeping into his life so suddenly hadn't ever entered his mind, but seeing you on stage with the luminescent lights accentuating your form caused him to believe that asides from biking there were other things that could set himself on fire, let him dance in the glowering joy of life. Sparkling golden stars emerged from the depths of his indigo orbs as he stared in wonderment, an awestricken state of mind had placidly taken over him without his own realization, and he couldn't pry his eyes away from you.
But that wasn't all there was to you - your silvery voice belted out melodic notes to a catchy tune h
:iconcosmicaquarium:cosmicaquarium 53 16
Manami Sangaku x Reader - Morning Bike Rides
The cool morning breeze caressed your warm skin, almost waking you from your slumber. You shuddered, snuggling deeper into your cozy blankets. Ready to let sleep take over your body once more.
Before succumbing to the bliss you so desperately sought you cast a lazy glance towards you're alarm clock, making your eyes snap open.
The red digits read "8:30", meaning you've already slept in thirty minutes more than you were supposed to. You’re body shoots out from your bed like a rocket.
"Ah if I'm late for class again…sensei will really let me have it!"
Stumbling to your feet you follow you're daily morning routine as quick as you can. Making sure to splash some extra cold water on your face, to help wake you up.
"If only I was a morning person" you pouted. Stifling your third yawn of the morning, since your awakening.
Once out the door you break into a sprint. If you’re lucky you can make it just before the final bell.  
The wind whistles by as you make a beeline fo
:iconmelyssa33:melyssa33 48 7
Bishamon by Neko-Slay Bishamon :iconneko-slay:Neko-Slay 497 50 NORAGAMI by INstockee NORAGAMI :iconinstockee:INstockee 3,993 0 Basterd by Naimane Basterd :iconnaimane:Naimane 1,924 268 Icon Folder - Closers: Side Blacklambs by Khiciy Icon Folder - Closers: Side Blacklambs :iconkhiciy:Khiciy 1 0 Icon Folder - Nanbaka S2 by Khiciy Icon Folder - Nanbaka S2 :iconkhiciy:Khiciy 6 0 inktober day 11 by 2D-Marichii inktober day 11 :icon2d-marichii:2D-Marichii 24 2 Icon Folder - Nanbaka by Khiciy Icon Folder - Nanbaka :iconkhiciy:Khiciy 75 1 Cheshire Cat-March Hare by Aruya-p Cheshire Cat-March Hare :iconaruya-p:Aruya-p 459 38


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